HARARE ,Award-winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono took to social media to call for solidarity as Zimbabwean political activist Jacob Ngarivhume awaited his sentence after being convicted of a crime not specified in the constitution. According to Chin’ono, what was on trial was everyone’s right to exercise their constitutional rights guaranteed by the Zimbabwean constitution.

He urged Zimbabweans to remember that Ngarivhume is just a symbol, and that everyone’s freedom is at stake. He called for a united front in the fight for constitutionalism and the rule of law. Chin’ono emphasized that selective solidarity shows that the country is not yet ready to fight for everyone’s rights and the national cause, but still fighting for personalities.

Chin’ono stated that those genuinely pursuing the respect for the rule of law and constitutionalism stand with Ngarivhume, and that whatever sentence is delivered, they will continue to stand with him because fighting against corruption should never be criminalized.

Chin’ono expressed his gratitude towards opposition leaders who showed solidarity with Ngarivhume and urged Zimbabweans to understand that the persecution of individuals is not the issue, but what those individuals are being persecuted for – the quest for freedom for all and a better society where the law governs and not political orders.

Chin’ono concluded by stating that solidarity gives those being persecuted strength to carry on, as they are not fighting for themselves, but for all Zimbabweans. He urged political wisdom to reside in everyone and for Zimbabweans to stand united in the fight for freedom and constitutionalism.

As Zimbabwe waits for the outcome of Ngarivhume’s sentencing, Chin’ono’s message is a reminder that the struggle for freedom and constitutionalism in Zimbabwe is far from over.

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