Pic /MasimbaMedia: John Steenhuisen and his family soon after being re-elected leader of the DA

JOHANNESBURG | John Steenhuisen has been re-elected as the federal leader of South Africa’s Democratic Alliance (DA) for a second term in Midrand, Johannesburg. Steenhuisen was running against the former Johannesburg mayor Dr Mpho Phalatse. The DA federal congress was attended by about 2000 delegates.

Steenhuisen’s re-election as the federal leader of the DA means that he will lead the party for the next three years and play a vital role in taking the party to the 2024 General Elections. This is a crucial time for the DA as it seeks to position itself as a viable alternative to the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

Pic |John Steenhuisen -MasimbaMedia

In his victory speech, Steenhuisen thanked the delegates for their support and promised to work hard to ensure that the DA is successful in the upcoming elections. He also emphasized the importance of unity within the party and pledged to work with all party members to build a stronger and more inclusive DA.

The DA, which is the largest opposition party in South Africa, has been facing criticism and adversity in recent years. However, Steenhuisen’s re-election as the federal leader of the party is seen as a positive development that will provide much-needed stability and direction to the party.

Steenhuisen’s victory comes at a time when the DA is prioritizing the needs of South Africans in coalitions. The party has also resolved to protect the independence of the South African Reserve Bank. With these initiatives and Steenhuisen’s leadership, the DA hopes to gain the trust of the South African people and provide a credible alternative to the ANC in the upcoming elections.

Source – Masimba News

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