I have Taken a huge burden off my shoulders : Cde Susan Mutami #JusticeForSusanMutami

Crime and Courts Politics Zimbabwe

By Susan Mutami

Beyond me reporting my rape case to the nearest Police Station in my country of Residence, this issue assumes a life of its own which compels me to allow due process to take its own course. I have taken a huge burden off my shoulders by sharing publicly my ordeal and am very grateful for the empathy and sympathies coming from across the globe, your tears and messages of solidarity have been very consoling and I continue to appreciate your messages of encouragement to stand up to Executive abuse and abuse of the powerful; finally mastered my courage on behalf the girl child. and other grown females who may not gather similar courage to share their ordeals at the hands of the President of Zimbabwe

Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. I can’t censure anyone on social media from debating further, even countering my story on behalf of the powerful but I can assure you noone will stop me from completing the journey on seeking justice I have embarked, neither the passage of time nor the powers that be in Zimbabwe, this is my story, my ordeal, my experience, and am the witness in the case of my abuser, the President of Zimbabwe. Beyond this let the law take it’s own course. Susan Vivian Mutami

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