Good News : Zanu-Pf Thug Who Threatened To Kill All CCC Members Beaten By Zanu-Pf Thugs

Politics Zimbabwe

This Zanu-Pf thug who threatened to kill all CCC members live on National Television received a taste his own medicine, he was severely beaten by fellow Zanu-Pf Thug.

It is believed that he was caught up in the zanu-pf internal fights that have engulfed the ruling party.

Zanu-Pf Factions are currently at loggerheads. Chiwenga’s faction and the military are pushing for Mnangagwa to hand over power to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

Chiwenga led a coup that removed former president Robert Mugabe from power in 2017 soon after he returned from China.

Source : TMNews

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