HARARE , Zimbabwe’ main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has taken to Twitter to call out the rampant corruption and greed that has plagued Zimbabwean politics for years. In his tweet, Chamisa called for leaders to set a better example, stating that “Leaders set the tone & example and all others follow.”

Chamisa’s tweet was followed by a response from Transform Zimbabwe Leader Jacob Ngarivhume, who urged Chamisa to be more direct and to show the leadership that millions across the nation need. In response to Ngarivhume’s comment, Fidzo Benjamin asked why Chamisa was being singled out, and why Ngarivhume was not doing anything with his own party.

Ngarivhume hit back, stating that Chamisa had the power to bring the nation to a stop with just one word, due to his larger stage and greater influence. Hopewell Chin’ono, another Zimbabwean journalist, also weighed in on the conversation, cautioning against insulting people with differing views and urging people to allow Chamisa to use his tactics and await the results.

The conversation was sparked by the recent release of the Gold Mafia Documentary, which links Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime to a network of corrupt individuals who are profiting from the country’s abundant natural resources, including gold. The documentary has shed light on the deep-rooted corruption that exists within Zimbabwean politics, and has sparked widespread outrage among the country’s citizens.

Chamisa’s tweet and the ensuing conversation have highlighted the urgent need for change in Zimbabwean politics. With corruption and greed rampant within the country’s leadership, it is clear that leaders must take responsibility and set a better example for the rest of the nation to follow. The release of the Gold Mafia Documentary has shown just how deep-seated the issue of corruption is in Zimbabwe, and it is up to the country’s leaders to take decisive action to address this problem.


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