JOHANNESBURG, Former Warriors of Zimbabwe and Pirates striker Tendai Ndoro has reportedly lost his multi-million dollar Kyalami Estates home in Johannesburg and his fleet of luxurious cars to his South African wife Thando Maseko, following their breakup. The footballer had registered his assets, including his house and cars, in his wife’s name.

According to sources, Ndoro and Maseko had been living together in the Kyalami Estates home, which is worth millions of dollars. Maseko, who is a model, reportedly kicked Ndoro out of the home and seized all of his assets, including his cars.

The news has shocked the football community and fans of the Zimbabwean striker, who has played for several clubs in South Africa, including Orlando Pirates and Ajax Cape Town. Ndoro was known for his skill on the field and his flashy lifestyle off the field.

Thando Maseko has been described by some as one of the few South African women who managed to get away with riches from a foreigner. However, the source of this news, PSAFLIVE, is an anti-Zimbabwean media outlet on social media, and the accuracy of the information has not been independently verified.

Ndoro has not yet commented on the situation, but his fans have expressed their support for him on social media, with some calling for him to take legal action against his ex-wife.

This news serves as a reminder to athletes and celebrities alike to be careful with their financial and legal affairs, especially in matters of marriage and divorce.

Source -MasimbaNews āœšŸæ

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