JOHANNESBURG – In a recent Twitter post, former Mugabe Minister Walter Mzembi, who is currently living in exile, expressed his views on the relevance of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) compared to the Commonwealth (CW) for the development of Africa. Mzembi stated that going forward, the BRICS hold greater significance for Africa’s progress, while the Commonwealth remains more of a public relations and nostalgia club.

Mzembi argued that Africans are embracing a new sense of hope for the future, which aligns more with the ideals of the BRICS nations. He further suggested that the United Kingdom, post-Brexit, would find greater relevance in the BRICS grouping than it does with the Commonwealth. He pointed out that the recent Great Supply Chain War triggered by the UK’s exit from the European Union has made the BRICS gathering more pertinent for the UK. However, Mzembi noted that Africans are becoming increasingly difficult to control, especially in terms of geopolitical alliances, with a growing inclination towards the East.

Highlighting the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict as a case in point, Mzembi stated that the UK supports Ukraine, while many Africans express support for Russia. He argued that the Commonwealth’s diplomatic efforts are somewhat limited in this regard.

Mzembi also emphasized the ideological influence of Zimbabwe in Sub-Saharan Africa, along with its abundant resources and human capital. However, due to sanctions, the country has been pushed towards forging closer ties with the “extreme” East. Mzembi believes that inclusion into the Commonwealth could help mitigate this shift and facilitate better bilateral relations between Zimbabwe and the UK.

Furthermore, Mzembi stressed the importance of a reciprocal relationship between the UK and Zimbabwe. While the UK hosts a significant number of Zimbabwe’s middle-class citizens, who contribute to remittances back home, Mzembi called on the Zimbabwean government to prioritize investment and trade over focusing solely on the movement of physical bodies.

He cited the successful integration of Indians into the political and socio-economic fabric of UK society, which eventually led to the sponsorship of one of their own to No 10 Downing Street. Mzembi urged Zimbabweans to dream of similar achievements and emphasized that the journey starts with visionary planning, uniting people both at home and abroad, and providing them with a sense of belonging and purpose.

Mzembi emphasized the importance of a well-thought-out plan that addresses the needs of the people, both domestically and in their host countries. He emphasized the significance of creating opportunities for retired individuals to return home and contribute to the development of their nation. Mzembi’s call to prioritize the BRICS over the Commonwealth reflects his belief in forging new alliances and embracing a changing global landscape for Africa’s benefit.

It remains to be seen how Mzembi’s viewpoints will be received and if they will influence any significant shifts in African diplomacy or regional alliances.

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