Former First Lady Grace Mugabe Accused of Smuggling Ivory and Diamonds Out of Zimbabwe” #GoldMafia #Zimbabwe

Grace Mugabe

Allegations have been made against former First Lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, claiming that she smuggled diamonds and ivory out of the country without her husband’s knowledge. The accusations were made in the latest episode of Al Jazeera’s Gold Mafia documentary, which highlighted the smuggling of precious metals and illegal goods.

According to Cleopas Chidodo, a manager at the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, planes were sent to diamond mines to handpick the finest diamonds, which were then flown to Dubai via Harare International Airport. In addition, poachers were reportedly sent to kill elephants and prepare the ivory, which was then flown out of the country as cargo, all without the knowledge of former President Robert Mugabe.

“She wanted to take things out and Mugabe did not know,” Chidodo said during the documentary. “They were making money, they made a lot of money.”

These allegations are just the latest in a string of controversies surrounding the Mugabe family. Robert Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years, was ousted in 2017 following a military coup. His reign was marred by corruption, economic mismanagement, and human rights abuses. His wife, Grace, was also known for her lavish spending and extravagant lifestyle.

The allegations of smuggling diamonds and ivory are particularly concerning, as both are illegal in Zimbabwe. The country has struggled with poaching and illegal mining for years, and these activities have had a devastating impact on its wildlife and natural resources.

The Mugabe family has not yet responded to these allegations. However, the documentary has raised important questions about the role of powerful individuals in illegal activities and the need for greater transparency and accountability in the trade of precious metals and wildlife.

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