Focus on Aquarius

Stars of the Zodiac

♒️🚫Aquarius Doesn’t like:
1. rules that make no sense
2. people who blindly conform to rules without asking questions
3. when people are consistently gossiping about others
4.when people call or text them all the time (2-5 business day recharge needed before next convo)

5. when people plan an event without them knowing until last minute (usually not a fan of surprise parties)
6. people who are overly emotional or can’t control their emotions
7. responding quickly to new situations or conflict; they want time to process first
8. Discrimination!

…when an Aquarius feels vengeful you will never see it coming because it may look like they’ve forgotten the issue, or they aren’t bothered. Their detachment skills are genuinely the best in the zodiac. They won’t ramble on about what’s annoying – because they’re busy plotting💀

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