By Rita Chikukwa

HARARE , Tarisai Masimba, a prominent activist and civilian journalist, has made a bold statement against the brutal Mnangwagwa regime in Zimbabwe, stating that he is not afraid of those who may seek to harm him. Masimba has been an outspoken critic of the regime and its oppressive tactics, calling for freedom in Zimbabwe and an end to the human rights violations committed by the regime.

Despite facing numerous risks, including torture, arbitrary arrests, and extrajudicial killings, Masimba remains committed to fighting for a better Zimbabwe. He has revealed that he has attempted to take his own life over six times but has since abandoned those thoughts in favor of fighting for freedom in his country.

“I hate the fact that former liberation war heroes are now oppressors,” Masimba stated, calling attention to the irony of those who fought for Zimbabwe’s liberation now becoming the oppressors. He has vowed to continue speaking out against the Mnangwagwa regime’s atrocities, regardless of the threats and violence he may face.

Masimba’s words serve as a powerful reminder of the struggles faced by those who stand up to oppressive regimes. His bravery and determination to fight for a better Zimbabwe are an inspiration to all those who seek justice and freedom in the face of oppression. Masimba’s message is clear: he is not afraid, and he will not be silenced by fear or violence.

The Mnangwagwa regime has been accused of numerous human rights violations, and Masimba’s outspoken opposition to these actions has made him a target for those who support the regime. Despite the risks he faces, Masimba remains steadfast in his commitment to fighting for a better Zimbabwe.

Masimba’s message is a reminder that the struggle for human rights is ongoing, and that there are those who will not be silenced by fear. His words serve as a call to action for all those who believe in justice and freedom, and who seek to make a difference in the world.

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