JOHANNESBURG, Farai Maguhu, the Executive Director at the Centre for Natural Resources Governance and a doctoral student at the Wits School of Governance, has expressed concerns about his government’s pro-China policy regarding mineral resources in Zimbabwe.

In a series of tweets, Maguhu lamented the imperialism and colonialism inherent in the policy, and the ease with which China can exploit Zimbabwe’s natural resources. He particularly highlighted the case of lithium, which is ready for export to China by Sinomine, a Chinese state-owned mining company.

“All China need to do is bring equipment and those bags, pay whosoever they must appreciate and the circuit is complete,” Maguhu tweeted. “I don’t know how I can convince my government that its pro-China policy regarding our minerals does not belong to this century.”

Maguhu also expressed his love for his country and his empathy for its citizens who are suffering under the current policy.

Zimbabwe has vast mineral resources, including platinum, gold, and diamonds, but the country has struggled to leverage these resources for the benefit of its citizens. Critics have accused the government of corruption, mismanagement, and allowing foreign companies to exploit the resources at the expense of Zimbabweans.

Maguhu’s tweets highlight the need for Zimbabwe to develop a more sustainable and equitable policy regarding its natural resources, one that benefits its citizens and protects its sovereignty.

The image supplied with the tweet shows bags of lithium waiting to be exported to China, a stark reminder of the challenges facing Zimbabwe in managing its mineral resources.

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