HARARE – In a shocking revelation, members of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in Zimbabwe’s Parliament have tweeted about an Al Jazeera documentary titled “The Gold Mafia,” which implicates individuals involved in the gold industry with running the government. The documentary alleges a web of corruption, money laundering, and illicit financial flows, implicating high-ranking officials and influential individuals within the country.

CCC Member of Parliament, Casting Matewu, expressed little surprise, revealing that the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) had already initiated investigations into the matter. However, ZANU PF MPs failed to appear before the committee, and shortly after, a memorandum from the Speaker of Parliament’s office was issued, stating that other arms of the state, such as the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), were already investigating the allegations. The memorandum emphasized the complexity of the case and the potential involvement of foreign players, suggesting that specialized agencies should handle the investigation.

Rusty Markham, another CCC legislator, raised eyebrows by pointing out that the RBZ’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) had reportedly cleared the suspects implicated in the documentary and reopened their accounts. Markham expressed concern over the swift action taken to protect those allegedly involved, hinting at a potential cover-up.

Responding to these claims, the FIU released a press statement outlining their actions in response to the documentary. The FIU confirmed that it had issued a directive to freeze bank accounts and financial assets of individuals implicated in money laundering and other financial crimes. However, after analyzing the documentary and investigating the financial assets and transactions of the accused, the FIU concluded that there was no evidence to support the allegations. As a result, the FIU ordered the unfreezing of the accounts, while stating that it remained open to cooperating with any international investigations into the matter.

The allegations made in the Al Jazeera documentary are serious and threaten to undermine public trust in Zimbabwe’s government and financial institutions. If true, they point to a deep-rooted corruption network with far-reaching implications for the nation’s stability and development. The CCC and other concerned individuals are urging for a thorough, independent investigation into the matter to ensure transparency and accountability.

As the controversy surrounding the alleged involvement of the gold mafia in Zimbabwe’s government unfolds, citizens are anxiously awaiting further developments. The pressure is mounting on the relevant authorities to take decisive action and restore faith in the country’s institutions. The outcome of these investigations will undoubtedly have significant consequences for Zimbabwe’s future and its fight against corruption.

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