Kempton Park, South Africa – The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have demanded the removal of the United States Ambassador to South Africa, Reuben Brigety, following controversial remarks made by President Cyril Ramaphosa regarding an inquiry into the docking of the Russian ship, Lady R. EFF National Chairperson Veronica Mente expressed her disapproval during the party’s Central Command Team meeting, emphasizing that Ambassador Brigety’s comments amounted to baseless accusations against a sovereign nation.

Mente criticized President Ramaphosa for considering an investigation into the docking incident, stating that he should have dismissed such claims outright. She asserted that the president should be more aware of the country he leads and its port operations. Consequently, the EFF has called for Ambassador Brigety’s swift removal, urging him to “pack his bags and go back home.”

Moreover, Mente urged the South African government not to be intimidated by the United States and to proceed with hosting the BRICS Summit, set to take place in August. She dismissed previous reports of a potential virtual summit as a means to avoid executing an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Earlier this year, the International Criminal Court issued the warrant against President Putin in connection with alleged human rights violations in Ukraine. Mente emphasized the importance of the BRICS Summit, viewing it as an opportunity to address South Africa’s economic challenges and find solutions to the country’s energy supply crisis.

“The ANC and its government should not even move an inch, should not be intimidated,” Mente stated. “We must have the BRICS Summit because we are also looking forward to that summit in terms of finding solutions to our economic downward spiral we see right now.”

The EFF further criticized the United States for its failure to support peace efforts and its contribution to the conflict in the Middle East. Mente highlighted the Biden administration’s approval of weapon sales worth over $700 million to Israel in 2021, despite Israel’s refusal to agree to an immediate truce in the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Mente condemned Israel’s actions and accused the United States of lacking good intentions in its global operations.

The EFF’s demand for Ambassador Brigety’s removal reflects their concern over what they perceive as unwarranted accusations against Russia and the need for South Africa to assert its sovereignty. As tensions escalate in the Middle East, the party continues to criticize the United States for its stance on Israel’s actions, emphasizing the importance of finding peaceful solutions for the people of Palestine.

It remains to be seen how the South African government will respond to the EFF’s call for Ambassador Brigety’s removal and whether it will assert its commitment to hosting the BRICS Summit despite international pressures.

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