December 2022 ANC Elective Congress – What it means to the Zimbabwean Crisis

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ANC Elective Congress-What it means to the Zimbabwean Crisis in Zimbabwe

The Elective Congress  of the ruling party in South Africa, the ANC, will be held in December. Will they be able to appoint leaders capable of solving the problems facing South Africa ?
One of the biggest problems facing South Africa is the influx of Zimbabwean nationals who are now living in that country after fleeing the tyrannical regime of Zanu-Pf and economic crisis .

If we look at what people are saying on social media and in the streets, we see that the majority of South Africans are not happy with Zimbabweans whom they are accusing of taking away their jobs and destroying their country. Movements and Political Organisations that are  Zimbaphobia are attracting huge followers. They all have one message for Zimbabweans – Go Back Home

Despite the fact that the biggest problem facing South Africa is Zimbabwe, the ANC does not talk about much about this issue. Its seems as if they do not want to upset Zanu-Pf, They even see the tyranny going on far away in Palestine and close their eyes when the tyranny is done by their neighbor in Zimbabwe.

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa, who was in America last month and met with the country’s President Joe Biden, recommended that the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States be lifted. This is surprising because we have never heard him talk about the violation of human rights by Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to contest the elections to elect a new leader of the ANC party. Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape provinces has already endorsed Ramaphosa for a second term. Others who are expected to compete with Ramaphosa are the former health minister who used to work at the Parerenyatwa Hospital in Zimbabwe Mr. Zweli Mkhize. Mr Mkhize has already been nominated by the ANC province of KZN ahead of Nkosazana Zuma and Jacob .

Others who are appealing for the post of president are Mrs. Nkosazana  Zuma who is being supported by the former president of South Africa Mr Jacob Zuma

The results of the ANC elections will not help South Africans who are tired of seeing Zimbabwean Foreigners or the people of Zimbabwe who are being oppressed  and  those who have fled the oppression of Zanu-PF.
Dr Nkosazana Zuma may be the one who cares about Zimbabweans the most because of her family ties with Zimbabwe but, I don’t see her winning because she doesn’t have the support of her Kzn province. Having worked in Zimbabwe Dr Zweli Mkhize may also have a soft spot for Zimbabwe but it’s not yet known if that would be the case.

On the local front the new dawn is like a nightmare.  Ramaphosa on his part may blame covid 19 and the war in Ukraine for his poor performance but one thing is very clear, the situation has worsened compared to the 9 wasted years.
The rail infrastructure was stripped under Ramaphosa’s watch. Everlasting loading shedding is also affecting the economy,  ungovernable crime rate, porous borders, illegal immigrants,  human Trafficking, drugs are some of the other things that the ANC has failed to Address.

In light of all these issues I think the ANC will miss a Chance to renew itself, it looks like a party that is beyond redemption. However we pray for ANC to elect good leaders based on hard work and merit. Despite its shortcomings, The ANC remains a champion of Freedom by maintaining a democratic free South Africa that is second to none in Africa.

Source – Tarisai Masimba

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