HARARE ,Controversy has erupted in Zimbabwe following the release of a video taken at a recent Zanu-PF rally in Mnangagwa. The video shows a party official telling supporters who haven’t registered to vote that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was present at the rally and would register them despite the fact that the official voter registration period had officially closed.

This development has sparked fears of election rigging, with critics alleging that ZEC is breaching its constitutional obligation to be independent and non-partisan by arranging a special purpose voter registration exclusively for Zanu-PF supporters. Citizens Coalition For Change spokesperson Advocate Fadzayi Mahere tweeted her concerns, asking ZEC to explain why it was conducting a special blitz exclusively for Zanu-PF supporters and how it planned to make good the prejudice to other parties.

Similarly, Team Pachedu also took to Twitter, condemning ZEC’s actions as a violation of the Constitution, which prohibits the electoral body from furthering the interests of any party. The group demanded that ZEC explains its actions and accused the commission of betraying the trust of the people of Zimbabwe.

The video has raised eyebrows, with some Zimbabweans expressing concern that Zanu-PF is resorting to underhand tactics to ensure it wins the upcoming elections. Critics argue that the party is already at an advantage, given its hold on state institutions and resources, and that ZEC’s actions only serve to compound this advantage.

In response to the video, ZEC has remained tight-lipped, with no official statement released. However, the commission has previously denied allegations of bias and vowed to conduct free, fair, and transparent elections. Nevertheless, the video has further heightened tensions in the country ahead of the elections, with many Zimbabweans now fearing that the process will be marred by irregularities and vote rigging.

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