Harare, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson Advocate Fadzayi Mahere announced today that the nomination process for candidates in areas where logistical issues prevented completion last week will be completed today. She clarified that these are not “elections,” so there will be no “reruns.” Mahere confirmed that all nominated candidates will be announced tomorrow and then proceed to the vetting stage.

The announcement comes ahead of the upcoming elections, which have generated excitement among the citizenry. The CCC is one of the leading political groups in the country, and its campaigns have been centered around change and accountability. The nomination process is critical as it determines who will be in the race to represent the party.

In a separate post on her social media page, Advocate Mahere shared a personal achievement. She revealed that just over a year and a half ago, her orthopedic surgeon had told her that she wouldn’t be able to run again or wear heels after she had injured her back in the gym. However, Mahere proudly shared that she is now training for her second #VicFallsMarathon, and has even completed an eight-kilometer run with Nike Run Club.

Mahere’s post was met with congratulatory messages from her followers, who praised her perseverance and dedication to her physical fitness. The post also demonstrates Mahere’s resilience and determination, qualities that are sure to be admired by her supporters.

The upcoming elections are critical for the future of the country, and the CCC is expected to put forward a strong slate of candidates. With the nomination process now complete, attention will turn to the vetting process as the party seeks to identify the most qualified individuals to represent its values and vision for the country.
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