Chamisa Convoy attacked by Zanu-Pf Terrorist with AK47s

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Nelson Chamisa who leads the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has accused Zanu PF ministers Larry Mavhima and July Moyo of disrupting his party’s planned rally in Gokwe-Kabuyuni on Thursday.

Chamisa’s envoy was attacked while he was on his way to the venue where he was due to address his party members and campaign for the weekend by-elections meant to fill the post left vacant following the death of ZANU PF legislator Leonard Chikomba.Four journalists and several CCC members were injured. Chamisa addressed his supporters despite the eruption of violence at the scene. Chamisa said this Friday:

There is unprecedented violence, terror has become daily dose. What shocks me is that wherever, there is always a counter program by ZANU-PF exactly at the venue where we will be holding our meetings.

Just yesterday in Gokwe I was shocked that July Moyo, McKenzie, Ncube, Larry Mavhima were literally coordinating an alternative and counter programme not elsewhere but where we were holding our meeting and they imposed themselves on the police making the lives of our police officers very difficult.

They chased after our convoy. We had to find ways of blocking them through our security teams. They had guns, AK47s and also 21 vehicles but I understand that July Moyo was part of that delegation. What shocked me is the Government Minister who are behaving like little thugs.

Food is weaponised, the human rights situation in this country has gotten to another level. What has become clear is the subject of human rights.

I also got the information that issuance of party identity cards is being done by party leadership. They want to do regiment voting, command voting. This is why Mr (Kembo) Mohadi has been going around the country addressing kraal heads and villagers.

There are fears that the 2023 elections might be tainted and fail to meet required standards if violence escalates.

Observers dismissed the 2008 elections as “not free and fair” hence “not credible” after violence which saw scores of the opposition MDC then led by Morgan Tsvangirai being intimidated, assaulted and or killed in the run-up to the 27 June run-off election.

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