CFF Leader Tarisai Masimba Threatens Armed Struggle in Zimbabwe if Zanu-pf rigs the Upcoming 2023 Elections

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CFF Leader Threatens Armed Struggle in Zimbabwe if Zanu-pf rigs the Upcoming 2023 Elections

By Staff Reporter

CDE Tarisai Masimba, the leader of the Citizens Freedom Fighters (CFF), has issued a stern warning to the ruling Zanu-pf party. In a post that was posted on CFF Facebook page today, Masimba stated that his group will take up arms if they suspect the 2023 elections to be rigged in favor of the ruling party. He stated that enough is enough and the people of Zimbabwe are tired of the ongoing oppression by Zanu-pf.

The CFF leader cited numerous instances of election rigging, human rights violations, and corruption that have been perpetuated by the ruling party. He stated that despite the repeated promises made by Zanu-pf to hold free and fair elections, the people of Zimbabwe have not seen any meaningful change in the way elections are conducted.

CDE Masimba also expressed his concern about the state of the country’s economy, which he said has been deliberately sabotaged by the ruling party to maintain its grip on power. He called for the international community to take note of the situation in Zimbabwe and to help bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

The leader of CFF emphasized that his group is not seeking to overthrow the government by force, but they will not hesitate to use force if they see no other option. He urged the ruling party to engage in honest dialogue with the opposition and to create a level playing field for all political parties to compete in the upcoming elections.

The statement by Tarisai Masimba has sent shockwaves across Zimbabwe, with many people expressing their support for his stance. The ruling party, on the other hand, has dismissed the statement as the ranting of a desperate opposition leader. They have assured the public that the 2023 elections will be free and fair and have called on the opposition to refrain from making provocative statements.

The situation in Zimbabwe remains tense, with the threat of an armed struggle looming over the country. It is imperative that the ruling party takes the concerns of the opposition and the general public seriously and works towards creating a peaceful and democratic environment for the upcoming elections. Only then can Zimbabwe move forward and achieve the stability and prosperity it deserves.

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