CDE Nelson Chamisa : My Government Will Not Allow Propaganda, Lies , Tribalism, Corruption and Disinformation

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By Staff Reporter

HARARE |Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) President CDE Nelson Chamisa has laid out his vision for the “Citizens Government” in a tweet that has gained widespread attention on social media. In the tweet, CDE Chamisa outlined several key principles that he believes will be at the heart of his government’s policies.

CDE Chamisa’s tweet stated that his “NEW REPUBLIC” will not allow propaganda, lies, and disinformation from government ministers or its functionaries. It will not imprison individuals for politics, promote hate speech, toxicity, and insults, spare the corrupt or bribing, or kill or harm citizens. His message was clear: a fair government is a must, and every citizen should be protected from any form of abuse or discrimination.

The tweet prompted a response from his followers, who raised several concerns about the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe. One follower questioned why tribalism wasn’t included in the list of things that would not be tolerated. In response, CDE Chamisa emphasized that tribalism is a form of corruption and that his government would not tolerate any discrimination or subjugation based on race, tribe, or region. Instead, he said that the government would acknowledge the diversity of the country and use it as a strength.

Another follower expressed their concerns about the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and whether the commissioners would discharge their duties independently. Chamisa reassured the follower that the ZEC is a citizens’ institution and must act independently and professionally. He emphasized that the beauty of elections is that everything is public, and citizens are equally responsible and key actors.

The CCC President’s vision for the “Citizens Government” has resonated with many Zimbabweans, with polls predicting that CDE Chamisa will win this year’s elections. His message of fairness, equality, and accountability has struck a chord with the electorate, who are looking for a government that will represent their interests and protect their rights.

CDE Nelson Chamisa’s tweet and subsequent responses have highlighted his commitment to a fair and just government that will protect citizens’ rights and freedoms. His vision has gained widespread support, and many Zimbabweans are looking to him to lead the country to a brighter future.

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