Zimbabwe Reeling Under a Dictatorship Much Worse Than Mugabe – CCC’s Fadzayi Mahere Tells Human Rights Summit

Photo – Advocate Fadzayi Mahere speaking at the UN Geneva Summit

Geneva, Switzerland – In a passionate and no-holds-barred address at the United Nations Geneva Summit on Human Rights and Democracy, Fadzayi Mahere, spokesperson for the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), delivered a scathing critique of the current Zimbabwean regime, describing it as a dictatorship worse than the era of Robert Mugabe. Mahere highlighted the dire situation faced by the Zimbabwean population, including extreme poverty, rampant corruption, and hyperinflation, attributing these challenges to the looting and persecution tactics employed by those in power.

Mahere shared her personal ordeal at the hands of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration, condemning their treatment of political opponents, prisoners, and the abuse of state institutions. She recounted her experience in Chikurubi Maximum Prison after her arrest on charges of undermining police authority due to a tweet in which she alleged that a police officer had fatally struck a baby with a baton stick in Harare.

Recounting her time in prison, Mahere revealed the inhumane conditions she and other inmates endured, including overcrowding, lack of water and sanitation facilities, and the denial of basic rights and dignity. She highlighted the arbitrary categorization of prisoners into different groups, with her being placed in the “Dangerous” group solely for expressing her views against police brutality on social media.

The CCC spokesperson went on to discuss the weaponization of the judiciary, as evidenced by her recent conviction and fine, as well as the imprisonment of Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) President Jacob Ngarivhume and the continued detention of CCC member Job Sikhala. Mahere asserted that the government’s actions were aimed at instilling fear in society and suppressing opposition politics.

With Zimbabwe’s general elections approaching, the government is facing mounting pressure to ensure a free and fair poll. Mahere warned that seeking to rejoin the Commonwealth could intensify scrutiny on President Mnangagwa’s regime. She called on international observers, including the UN and Commonwealth, to insist on a credible election and emphasized the need for ethical and competent leaders who prioritize freedom, dignity, and prosperity for all.

Mahere is expected to be announced as her party’s candidate for Harare North in the upcoming elections. She expressed her belief in the possibility of change and called on Zimbabweans to vote for a better future. Urging the international community to support the quest for democracy, she stressed that the will of the people must prevail in order to liberate Zimbabwe from its current dictatorship.

As Zimbabweans prepare to exercise their democratic rights, the world watches closely, hoping for a fair and credible election that could pave the way for a brighter future for the people of Zimbabwe.

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