Harare, Zimbabwe – The Citizens’ Coalition For Change (CCC) is calling upon all eligible Zimbabweans who haven’t registered to vote to do so without wasting any time. Party spokesperson Advocate Fadzayi Mahere emphasized the importance of voter registration, stating that it is essential for the dignity of Zimbabweans, the development of new infrastructure, the protection of human rights, and the preservation of freedom. Mahere further urged citizens to actively participate in the political process, highlighting that the collective efforts of Zimbabweans will build a stronger nation.

Speaking on the matter, Advocate Fadzayi Mahere expressed the urgency of the situation, as the election date is expected to be proclaimed within the next few days. Once the election date is set, the voters’ roll will be closed, making it impossible for any new registrations. Mahere encouraged Zimbabweans to seize this opportunity and ensure they are registered to vote. Additionally, she encouraged each citizen to rally others to register, with a goal of at least five additional individuals, in order to bring about the change they seek for Zimbabwe.

The upcoming elections in Zimbabwe are scheduled to take place in approximately three months. However, concerns have been raised about the government’s handling of citizens’ rights, with reports of suppression and imprisonment of opposition leaders. Notably, Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume was recently sentenced to three years in jail on dubious charges after calling for a protest against corruption. Job Sikhala, a legislator and senior party leader of CCC, is also currently incarcerated.

The voter registration exercise has been reopened and will continue from May 1 to July. This extension aims to ensure that all eligible Zimbabweans have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process and exercise their right to vote. By mobilizing fellow citizens to register, CCC hopes to create a unified front that can bring about meaningful change for the nation.

The CCC’s call to action comes at a crucial time for Zimbabwe, as citizens face an opportunity to shape the future of their country through democratic means. The organization recognizes the significance of citizen engagement and voter participation in shaping the destiny of the nation. By registering to vote and encouraging others to do the same, Zimbabweans have the power to voice their concerns, elect representatives who align with their values, and pave the way for a better Zimbabwe.

As the voter registration period progresses, the CCC will continue its efforts to raise awareness and encourage Zimbabweans to exercise their right to vote. The organization aims to foster an environment where all citizens can participate freely and without fear, ensuring that their voices are heard in the upcoming elections.

The citizens of Zimbabwe now face a pivotal moment in their history, where they have the ability to make a tangible impact. The call to register to vote and actively engage in the political process resonates with the aspirations of many Zimbabweans who seek positive change. The CCC’s message is clear: together, Zimbabweans can build a brighter future and shape the destiny of their beloved nation.

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