CCC Secretary General  Summoned By Captured Zimbabwean Police

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Harare, Zimbabwe – The Interim Secretary General of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and Kuwadzana Member of Parliament CDE Charlton Hwende has been requested to report to the Police station after posting a tweet about drug lords in his constituency.

The tweet, which was posted on CDE Hwende’s official Twitter account, stated that he had received a call from a police officer Detective Manjengwa from the Kuwadzana Police Station, requesting him to come for an interrogation regarding the tweet. According to Hwende, a lady known as Morelife had opened a case against him for breaching the cybersecurity act.

CDE Hwende’s tweet went on to state that many people in Kuwadzana Extension know Mukadzi anonzi Morelife and that she must be arrested for selling drugs to the children of the community. Hwende called on the Police Zimbabwe to take action and reshuffle the team dealing with drugs as most of them are compromised.

The fight against drug war lords in Zimbabwe is not an easy one and will include such harassment and threats, according to Hwende. He stated that the school children in Kuwadzana are being destroyed by these people and as an elected Representative of the Kuwadzana East Constituency, he will not be intimidated.

CDE Hwende also announced that the Drug Awareness Campaign in Kuwadzana will soon reach another level and that after community meetings, drug dealers like “Monya” in Kuwadzana Extension and the senior police officers taking bribes from these drug lords will be named, shamed, and arrested.

This latest development has sparked a public outcry, with many citizens calling for an end to the harassment of those who are fighting against drug lords in the country. The Zimbabwean government and the police force have not yet commented on the matter.

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