HARARE, Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) President, Nelson Chamisa, has taken to Twitter to express the complexity of Zimbabwean politics. In his tweet, he urged caution in democratizing strategies and publicizing tactics, warning that such actions may diminish or undermine their effectiveness.

Chamisa highlighted the importance of being tricky in the political landscape, noting that the competition is equally tricky. He urged his followers to say less and weigh more, indicating that discretion is crucial in achieving their goals.

The tweet comes at a time when Zimbabwe’s political scene is increasingly tense, with calls for reform and change becoming more prominent. The CCC has been vocal in advocating for a more democratic system and an end to corruption in the country.

Chamisa’s tweet has elicited mixed reactions from Zimbabweans, with some praising his wisdom and caution in approaching politics, while others criticized his message as being too vague.

Despite the criticisms, it is evident that the CCC remains committed to its mission of bringing change to Zimbabwe. The party has been actively engaging with citizens and advocating for their rights, with the hope of achieving a more just and equitable society.

As the political landscape in Zimbabwe continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how the CCC will navigate the complex terrain. However, one thing is clear: Chamisa’s message serves as a reminder that in politics, caution and discretion are sometimes the most effective tools.
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