Harare, Zimbabwe- A war of words has erupted on Twitter between political activist Makomborero Haruzivishe and journalist Hopewell Chin’ono over name-calling.

It all started when Haruzivishe tweeted, “Lol ambassador Shabba gone rogue again. A dog that forgets its mandate in society is problematic. Instead of barking thieves away Shabba is busy biting the victims of robbery. If it’s whiskey then Shabba must self-quarantine till sober. Imi muchinyanya, munopirei imbwa doro.”

Although Haruzivishe didn’t mention Chin’ono by name, many Twitter users assumed that he was referring to the journalist, who is known for his critical reporting on Zimbabwe’s government.

Chin’ono didn’t take the comment lying down and fired back with his own tweet, saying, “Calling me a dog with the blessing of your leadership is what makes CCC unattractive to many who chose to keep quiet and watch you tear your party into pieces! I have never been CCC & I will never be part of a ZANUPF B which insults and calls people Dogs! Good luck with 2023!”

It seems that Haruzivishe was referring to Chin’ono as “Shabba,” his dog, and accusing him of forgetting his duty as a journalist to hold those in power accountable. However, Chin’ono interpreted the comment as a personal insult and criticized the leadership of Haruzivishe’s party, the CCC.

The Twitter spat has sparked a debate on social media about the use of name-calling in politics and journalism, with some users criticizing both Haruzivishe and Chin’ono for their behavior.

As Zimbabwe approaches its 2023 presidential elections, tensions between political activists and journalists are likely to remain high. However, it is important for all parties to remember the importance of civil discourse and respect for opposing views.

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