File Photo | CCC President CDE Nelson Chamisa with senior party members

HARARE | Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has announced that his party is implementing a new candidate selection process ahead of Zimbabwe’s 2023 general elections. In an interview with, Chamisa revealed that CCC is moving away from the traditional primary election approach in favor of a “citizenocratic” system that places the citizens at the center of the process.

Chamisa explained that the new process, which kicks off this week with the nomination of candidates, will involve rigorous vetting of candidates based on merit, integrity, dignity, suitability, and accountability. The selection process will also include town hall debates on policy and constituency citizens’ debates, where contestants present their manifestos to citizens for feedback.

The CCC leader assured citizens that the new system will be determined by the citizens themselves, with decisions made through a democratic community consensus system. Chamisa also dismissed fears that the absence of party structures could lead to a lack of organization, stating that the citizens are the structures and the citizens’ structure is the strongest in any country.

Chamisa emphasized that the CCC’s new candidate selection process is citizen-centric, with the aim of providing quality representation to the citizens. He also noted that loyalty to the country, the people or constituency, and God would be key attributes for candidates seeking nomination.

The announcement by the CCC comes as the ruling Zanu PF party is conducting its primary elections process. The move towards a citizen-centric candidate selection process is likely to generate interest and discussion ahead of the 2023 elections in Zimbabwe.
Source – Tarisai Masimba News

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