The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), a Zimbabwean political party, has announced the completion of the vetting process for aspiring Members of Parliament. The party received over 2,000 nominations from Zimbabweans, according to Gift Siziba, the CCC deputy national spokesperson.

In addition, Siziba also revealed that more than 10,000 people have been nominated to be councillors and are currently undergoing the vetting process. The vetting process is being conducted by an independent body, the Citizens’ Independent Candidate Selection Panel (CISP).

Despite reports that CCC was struggling to find candidates in some rural areas, Siziba denied this and stated that the party had received overwhelming support from Zimbabweans across the country. He added that people were willing to represent the party in deeper parts of the country, such as Uzumba, Chiredzi, and Mwenezi, where traditionally the Democratic alternatives had faced challenges.

Siziba also reported that CCC had received over 36,000 nomination forms for the Presidential candidates, with President Nelson Chamisa being nominated overwhelmingly. This news was greeted with excitement by CCC, who stated that they were pleased with the subscription.

CCC’s candidate nomination process includes four stages: candidate nomination, candidate vetting, candidates’ caucuses, and declaration of successful candidates. The party moved away from the traditional primary elections in favor of this process.

The CCC’s announcement comes ahead of Zimbabwe’s upcoming general elections, which are expected to be highly competitive. The vetting process ensures that the party’s candidates are thoroughly screened before being presented to voters, and the use of an independent body increases transparency and accountability in the candidate selection process.

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