In a recent tweet, Citizens’ Coalition For Change (CCC) spokesperson, Advocate Fadzayi Mahere, highlighted the ongoing injustice surrounding the murder of activist Moreblessing Ali and the subsequent imprisonment of her lawyer. Mahere’s tweet sheds light on the disturbing reality that justice has yet to be served for Ali, while her lawyer, Job Sikhala, has been held behind bars for 344 days.

Ali, a vocal critic of the ruling party ZANU PF, was allegedly abducted and brutally murdered a year ago by suspected agents linked to the party. Despite the heinous nature of the crime, those responsible for her murder have not been held accountable, leaving her family and supporters in anguish.

Adding to the distressing situation, Job Sikhala, the lawyer who fearlessly represented Ali, has now become a victim of persecution himself. Imprisoned for nearly a year, Sikhala’s detention raises concerns about the state of the justice system in Zimbabwe and the suppression of legal professionals who dare to stand up for justice.

The CCC spokesperson’s tweet has garnered significant attention, with many expressing their solidarity and demanding justice for Moreblessing Ali. Tendai Marombedza, one of Mahere’s followers, echoed the sentiments of countless citizens, emphasizing that the imprisonment of innocent individuals will not silence the voices of the people nor aid the culprits in escaping justice. Marombedza’s response underscores the determination of Zimbabwean citizens to uncover the truth and ensure that those responsible for Ali’s murder face the consequences of their actions.

The case of Moreblessing Ali and Job Sikhala serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by human rights defenders and activists in Zimbabwe. The continued persecution of individuals who advocate for justice not only undermines the rule of law but also suppresses the voice of the people who are striving for a new Zimbabwe.

The CCC, along with various human rights organizations and concerned citizens, continues to call for the immediate release of Job Sikhala and the comprehensive investigation and prosecution of those responsible for Moreblessing Ali’s abduction and murder. The demand for justice remains unwavering, and the hope for a brighter future in Zimbabwe sustains the fight against impunity.

As the outcry for justice grows louder, it is imperative for the authorities to prioritize the investigation into Moreblessing Ali’s case and ensure a fair trial for Job Sikhala. The eyes of the nation and the international community are watching closely, waiting for the day when justice will prevail and the rights of the citizens will be protected in Zimbabwe.

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