HARARE , In a stunning move that has sent shockwaves through the media industry, Masimba Media and News has been banned from all major social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. The move comes as a devastating blow to the news organization, which prides itself on reporting news as it is and exposing corruption without fear or favor.

Masimba Media and News has been at the forefront of investigative journalism in recent years, uncovering some of the most shocking and damning stories about corruption and injustice in Africa. The news organization has been relentless in its pursuit of truth, often putting itself in harm’s way to uncover stories that would have otherwise remained hidden.

The ban on Masimba Media and News from social media platforms is a clear attempt to silence the organization and to prevent it from reaching its audience. It is a sad reminder of the power that social media companies hold over the media landscape, and the potential for abuse that comes with that power.

As a news organization that has always prioritized the truth above all else, Masimba Media and News is heartbroken by this turn of events. The ban represents a significant setback for the organization, which has relied on social media to disseminate its reporting to a wider audience.

Despite this setback, Masimba Media and News is determined to continue its mission of reporting the truth and exposing corruption. The news organization is calling on all black people to rise up in unity and love, and to build their own apps and platforms to counter the power of social media companies.

For too long, black people have been at the mercy of other races who hate them. It is time for black people to take control of their own media landscape and to ensure that their voices are heard. Masimba Media and News is committed to playing a leading role in this effort, and to continuing its mission of reporting the truth no matter the obstacles that stand in its way.

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