BLAIR confident of Zambia’s future


Former British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR has expressed confidence in Zambia’s future considering the current progress.

Mr. BLAIR, who is in the country in his capacity as Executive Director of the TONY BLAIR Institute, says Zambia’s future prospects have increased his organisation’s appetite and ambition to work with government.

He says his institute wants to put up a team in Zambia and build capacity in anyway which can help the country’s priorities.

Speaking when he met President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA at State House this afternoon, Mr. BLAIR said he will give the President a proposal in the next month on how a delivery unit will be established which will be run by locals.

He said his team has been closely working with Smart Zambia on how they may employ satellite technology in mapping mineral capacity and how roll-out of Constituency Development Fund -CDF- can work.

And President HICHILEMA told Mr. BLAIR that efforts of restructuring the economy from the last time they met are already bearing fruit.

The President noted that Zambia needs to engage him more on his institute’s tool kit so that it can close revenue leakage at central government, local government and the revenue body.

President HICHILEMA noted that while the Tony Blair Institute is working with Smart Zambia on digitization, government wants that to be expanded to a broad digitization working relationship.

The Head of State also appealed to Mr. BLAIR to engage American Tech Billionaire ELON MUSK to include Zambia on his pilot project of satellite technology that can bring internet across Zambia.

Source ZNBC News

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