ANC offered me a Mine in Zimbabwe to destabilise Cope : Willie Madisha

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CAPE TOWN – Former Cosatu President and Opposition party Cope deputy president Willie Madisha has claimed that he was offered a mine in Zimbabwe by the ANC in exchange for spying and destabilising Cope but he declined the offer .  Madisha was explaining to South African Journalist the reason why Cope failed to well after performing well in their first elections . Madisha says ANC members were sent to be part of his organization in order to destroy it.

Madisha claims when Cope was formed, some rogue elements infiltrated the party in exchange for money and/or business dealings as well as ambassador positions.

Madisha made the remarks during a press briefing on the state of the party on Tuesday.

Following the revelations, Zimbabwean Political Activist Cde Tarisai Masimba has questioned the role of ANC in  destroying Zimbabwe.
“We have always known that the relationships between Zanu-Pf and ANC is not about helping the people but looting Zimbabwean resources.”
The ANC government knows exactly that there is no democracy in Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans are living under oppression but they chose to stand with the oppressor ignoring the plight of majority of Zimbabweans who are now fleeing to that country in search of greener pastures. Currently Majority of South Africans including ANC members are fed up with the influx of Zimbabweans in that country yet their leaders are looting Zimbabwean minerals and propping up the Junta regime in Zimbabwe.

ANC and Zanu-Pf have  good relations and considers each other as sister parties.  Under Ramaphosa  the Ruling ANC government  adopted a  Silent diplomacy on Zimbabwe, whatever that means,  what is clear is that these people are heartless.


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