HARARE, Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume has called out President Emmerson Mnangagwa over allegations of gold smuggling through the international airport. Ngarivhume, who is known for his vocal opposition to corruption, has accused the President of being involved in the illegal trade.

Writing on social media , Ngarivhume expressed his disappointment at the lack of action taken by the authorities in response to the allegations. He revealed that despite being informed of the smuggling activity, security at the airport had not been increased, and no staff had been suspended.

Ngarivhume further criticized the President for failing to release a formal report on the matter. He stated that all signs pointed to Mnangagwa’s involvement in the smuggling ring.

The allegations of gold smuggling through the international airport have been circulating for some time. Last month, reports emerged that a group of individuals had been arrested for attempting to smuggle over 6 kilograms of gold out of the country.

While the authorities have acknowledged the incident, no formal report has been released. The lack of action on the part of the authorities has fueled suspicion among the public, with many calling for transparency and accountability.

Ngarivhume’s comments have added to the growing pressure on the President to address the issue of corruption in Zimbabwe. The Transform Zimbabwe leader has long been an advocate for transparency and accountability in government, and his latest remarks are a reminder of the urgent need for action.

The Zimbabwean government has faced widespread criticism over its handling of corruption allegations, with many accusing Mnangagwa of failing to follow through on his promises to tackle the issue.

As the pressure on the President continues to mount, it remains to be seen what action will be taken in response to the allegations of gold smuggling through the international airport.
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