PRETORIA , The recent events surrounding the eviction of refugees outside UN offices in Pretoria, South Africa, have shed light on the issue of Afrophobia, a form of xenophobia directed specifically towards African immigrants in the country. The situation has left many refugees, including mothers and children, in a precarious position, as they are forced to choose between going to the Lindela Repatriation Centre or going to jail. This article will be critical of Afrophobia in South Africa and highlight how it breaks the heart to see fellow black people oppressing other blacks based on colonial boundaries that we use in Africa. It will remind Black South Africans that by treating fellow Africans like trash they lost our Africa Ubuntu.

The plight of migrants in South Africa has been ongoing for years, with refugees facing xenophobic attacks and discrimination from locals. The recent eviction of refugees outside the UN offices in Pretoria has once again brought the issue to the forefront, highlighting the lack of compassion and empathy for fellow human beings.

The refugees, who have been living outside the UN offices for over two years, fear xenophobic attacks and have been asking for assistance from the South African government and the UNHCR. However, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears, and they have been left to fend for themselves in a foreign land.

The recent court order to evict the refugees and place them in the Lindela Repatriation Centre has sparked outrage among activists who are worried about the well-being of the refugees. Many refugees have spoken out against the decision, stating that the repatriation centre is unsanitary, unsafe, and like a concentration camp.

The situation is heartbreaking, and it is difficult to understand how Black South Africans can treat their fellow Africans so poorly. It is essential to remember that Africa is not a continent made up of individual countries, but a continent of diverse cultures and people who are connected by a shared history and common struggles.

It is time for South Africans to embrace the concept of Ubuntu, which is rooted in the African philosophy of interconnectedness and compassion. Ubuntu is the belief that “I am because we are,” and it emphasizes the importance of treating others with kindness, respect, and dignity.

By embracing Ubuntu, Black South Africans can begin to show compassion and empathy towards their fellow Africans, rather than oppressing them on the basis of their nationality. The concept of Ubuntu should not be limited to just South Africans but should be embraced by all Africans as a way of promoting unity and solidarity on the continent.

Furthermore, it is important to recognize that the issue of Afrophobia in South Africa is not just a problem for the country but for the continent as a whole. The lack of empathy and compassion for fellow Africans is a symptom of a broader problem, which is the lack of unity and solidarity on the continent.

It is time for African leaders to recognize the importance of African unity and work towards creating a united and prosperous continent. This can only be achieved by promoting cultural exchange, economic cooperation, and political integration.

In conclusion, the plight of refugees in South Africa highlights the issue of Afrophobia and the lack of compassion and empathy for fellow Africans. It is time for Black South Africans to embrace the concept of Ubuntu and treat their fellow Africans with kindness, respect, and dignity. It is also time for African leaders to work towards creating a united and prosperous continent, where all Africans can live in peace and prosperity.


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