JOHANNESBURG, Mashaba, the former Mayor of Johannesburg, started the conversation by questioning the Premier’s choice for the next mayor after the 2024 elections. He argued that having Lesufi as a Premier and negotiating coalitions and leadership for all municipalities in Gauteng would be a “disaster of note.”

In response, Lesufi accused Mashaba of denying a school for disabled children an occupation certificate during his tenure as Mayor of Johannesburg. Lesufi stated that Mashaba was worse than his predecessor, Mayor Thapelo.

Mashaba refuted Lesufi’s claims, saying that as a Mayor, he did not have the authority to issue occupation certificates. He also suggested that Lesufi might have been speaking to the wrong person if he claimed to have spoken to Mashaba about the issue.

The social media conversation has since attracted widespread attention from Gauteng residents, who are concerned about the state of the province’s leadership. Some have accused both politicians of playing politics at the expense of the people.

The incident has raised questions about the future of Gauteng politics and the leadership of the province’s municipalities. With the 2024 elections fast approaching, it remains to be seen how this conversation will affect the voters’ choices and the eventual outcome of the polls.

In the meantime, politicians and residents alike are calling for a more civil and productive dialogue to address the pressing issues facing Gauteng and its residents.
Source – MasimbaNews ✍

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